Please always remember to check here for the latest transition and training information as well as the announcement archive.

Faculty and students enrolled in summer and fall classes can now access Canvas by logging in the TouroOne portal and clicking on the Canvas button. All new Canvas users are automatically enrolled in a self-paced training course so that they can familiarize themselves with Canvas. Students are enrolled in a student course and faculty are enrolled in a faculty course.

Some Touro schools will begin using Canvas in the Fall 2018 and others in the Spring or Summer 2019. Each Touro school is determining when they will make the switch to Canvas. If you have any questions about the timing of your school switching to Canvas, please contact your Dean or Director. During the transition to Canvas, all courses will be available in both Blackboard and Canvas until June 30, 2019.

A variety of training and support resources are available for all instructors and students:

  • ✔ Canvas Help:   24/7 chat, email and phone support from Canvas is available for all students and instructors. Canvas helpdesk agents can assist instructors and students with their live courses, answer how-to questions, and troubleshoot any problems. To access Canvas help, click on the Help button on the bottom left of the dark blue navigation bar in Canvas. Note: you must be in your Canvas account to contact Canvas help.

  • ✔ Self-paced Training Courses in Canvas:   All new students and instructors are automatically enrolled in Canvas training courses. These courses will help you get oriented and learn about some of the most commonly used Canvas features.

  • ✔ General Live Training via Zoom:   Starting in June, Touro Training Team will be offering regularly scheduled general training sessions via Zoom. These sessions will be open to all faculty. You can see all currently schedule training sessions on the Touro Canvas website. Each session will be 1.5 hours – about 45 minutes of presentation and 45 minutes of questions and answers. The following topics will be covered during these training sessions:
    • accessing and navigating Canvas
    • viewing rosters
    • adding course files
    • using the Canvas Syllabus
    • adding an Assignment
    • previewing the course as a student
    • making the course available to students
    • messaging students
    • using the course calendar
    • grading assignments with SpeedGrader
    • viewing the Gradebook and student mastery
    • using different course layouts.
      These training sessions will be offered multiple times throughout Touro’s transition to Canvas.

  • ✔ School-specific Training:   The Project Team is working with Touro schools to schedule school-specific live training, either in person or via Zoom. To find out the live training schedule for your school, watch for Canvas training announcements from your school or contact your Dean or Director.


Some of our Favorites


Easily create courses and navigate around the system. Clean, simple design.

Flat File Structure

Modules for easy course and assignment organization.


Superior 24/7 Canvas helpdesk for faculty and students via phone and chat.


Regular low-impact upgrades keep the product fresh without required downtime.

Third party Integration

Excellent integration with Kaltura, Youtube, Office 365, Turnitin, etc.


Easy and fast way to grade assignments while providing feedback on learning.

Full list of Canvas features
Feature Description
Accessibility Compliant with Section 508 accessibility standards and the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) issued by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
Analytics Monitors student engagement, predicts success, and tracks students' learning outcomes and progress by pedagogical goals and desired outcomes
Announcements Delivered automatically to the course activity stream of all users based on their notification preferences
Assignments Assignment submissions can include web pages, Word docs, video, audio, slide shows, links, and more
Browser-enabled Compatible with Apple Safari 4+, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer 8+, and Mozilla Firefox 3.5+
Calendar Drag-and-drop functionality to schedule and reschedule calendar events, plus automatic event notifications
Chat Synchronous text, video, and audio chat provided via integration with Tinychat
Collaborations Enable users to collaborate on projects using shared Canvas work spaces and tools such as Google Drive
Conferences Integrated, synchronous webinars / video conferencing, whiteboard, and live chat
Discussions Provide asynchronous (and near-synchronous) threaded public discussions, subject posting, and replies, which can be graded
ePortfolios Students can create public or private ePortfolios to display and reflect on notable coursework ECA - Instructure (11/2014)
Files repository Hierarchical file folder creation and organization, zip file import and export, file locking, drag-and-drop file reorganization, file renaming, file deletion, and other standard file management functionality
Gradebook Automatically generated and updated based on course assignments and assessments which are linked with the gradebook and the integrated feedback features
Grades Assignments and Quizzes can be scored by points, percentages, letter grades, and complete/incomplete
Integrations Standards-based, pluggable platform for easy integration with a wide variety of external technologies, systems, tools, and services
Learning outcomes Learning outcomes can be aligned to rubrics for institution-wide initiatives such as academic standards and accreditation
Mobile access Accessible from browser-enabled mobile devices
Modules Can be thematic, focused on a specific topic, content type, or arranged chronologically to provide a course sequence
Native cloud service Architected for the cloud
Pages Create flexible, customizable course pages with wiki functionality using the Rich Content Editor
People Includes the course roster and contact information for students, instructors, and TAs
Quizzes Rich-content, multi-featured, and robust assessment and quizzing system for online exams; supports proctoring, question banks, and extensive question types.
Reports Can be tailored to show ordered learning outcomes and rubrics that cover multiple courses, departments, or the entire institution
Rich Content Editor WYSIWYG and HTML editor used to create discussion topics, comments, and replies; supports video and audio, images, tables, math formulas, and URL links
Rubrics Created from sets of instructor-defined criteria to provide a structured, consistent, and prescriptive framework for assessment
SpeedGrader™ Enables instructors to step through a set of assignments and, in conjunction with the associated rubric, quickly and consistently grade each submission in just a few clicks
Syllabus Course calendar changes automatically update the course syllabus
User profile Includes optional user photo, language preference, time zone, contact methods, registered web services, and other options

About Canvas Pilot

Most Fequently Asked Questions:

  • • Canvas was evaluated at 8 Touro pilot locations with 141 faculty and 1,236 students.
  • • The evaluation survey of pilot participants had an amazing 40% response rate.
  • • The survey results showed 74% favored Canvas as the future learning management system for the Touro system.

  • • The migration to Canvas will occur over the next year and will be completed by June 30, 2019.
  • • The Canvas transition schedule for TCUS will be announced in May 2018.
  • • Pilot participants will continue to use Canvas for the Summer 2018 Term and beyond.

  • • All existing Blackboard courses will remain archived as read-only for a specific announced period of time.
  • • There will be an announced point in time, at which Blackboard access will be removed – potentially staggered based on school need.

  • • University of Michigan (entire system)
  • • Ohio State (entire system)
  • • Harvard
  • • Yale
  • • Columbia
  • • Cornell
  • • Brown
  • • University of Florida

The major trend among colleges is a move to Canvas


Canvas provides our students and faculty with an entirely new level of interconnection and communication. Canvas feels very intuitive.

Marian Stoltz-Loike

Ph.D., Chief Online Education Officer; Vice President, Online Education; Dean, Lander College for Women

Canvas is easy to use and has a simple way to navigate and find what you are looking for. The students appreciate having the calendar feature that tell them when assignments are due and exams scheduled. Overall, it is a clean, neat and user-friendly platform.

Sandra Russo

RN, MS, Chair and Director, Nursing

Canvas is a more contemporary and easier to use version of Blackboard. The interface is intuitive and the WYSIWYG grade book is extremely useful for time-efficient grading processes.

Louise Santiago

Program Coordinator for Educational Leadership, Graduate School of Education, TUC

So far I have been very impressed with Canvas both on the faculty side as well as the student interface. The customer service and cost of the LMS is really the industry standard. I will say having a champion in CEHS (Dr. Micheal Barbour) has really helped our Graduate School of Education and School of Nursing with a smooth transition in the pilot so this was instrumental for us.

Lisa Norton

Dean, College of Education and Health Sciences, TUC

I was initially reluctant to make the switch to Canvas but I have found Canvas to have additional features that I didn't realize I wanted. The speed grader feature facilitates grading essays with a rubric. With this tool, administering formative assessments is much less time consuming and the students get instant feedback. I have found Canvas to be a much more sophisticated learning management tool.

Meredith R. Miller

Professor of Law

I really appreciated how easy it was to import my old Blackboard course to Canvas. I liked that Canvas allows me to choose what I want to upload too. My students appreciate that everything is interactive. They love the modules and how easy it is to see the weekly readings and know exactly where you are and what 's coming next.

Dr. Annecy Baez

Associate Professor; Director of Latino Social Work Initiative and the HRSA Scholarship for Disadvantaged Students, Graduate School of Social Work

In general, students like Canvas as it is very intuitive and easy to use. Students required minimal training and were able to get started right away.

Holly Owens

Instructional Designer, School of Health Sciences

Canvas is intuitive and visually interactive. It is much easier for both students and teachers to use. I was a user of Canvas as a student, both at UCLA and UC Berkeley. Therefore, as a teacher, I had virtually no "learning curve" time required for launching my course on Canvas.

Mahru (Meroe) Elahi

Adjunct Professor, Graduate School of Education, TUC

Canvas is an easy-to-use learning platform designed to carry teaching and learning into the future. Canvas excels at delivering powerful functionality, providing a better user experience in a simple, intuitive way, and implementing the common LMS feature set in a superior way.


During Spring 2018 term approximately 9% of all Touro students are involved in TCUS Canvas Pilot.

Partial School Participation

  • Touro Law School
  • TUC School of Education
  • TUN School of Education
  • College of Osteopathic Medicine-Harlem/Middletown
  • School of Health Sciences, Nursing (NY)


If you have any questions about the timing of your school switching to Canvas, please contact your Dean or Director. During the transition to Canvas, all courses will be available in both Blackboard and Canvas until June 30, 2019.

Transition schedule
College Degree Term
School for Lifelong Education All Spring 2019
Machon L'Parnasa/Institute for Professional Studies All Spring 2019
Lander College for Women All Spring 2018
Lander College for Men All Spring 2019
Lander College of Arts and Sciences All Spring 2019
Graduate School of Jewish Studies All Spring 2019
Graduate School of Business All Spring 2019
Graduate School of Education All Spring 2019
Graduate School of Technology (GST) All Spring 2019
Graduate School of Social Work (GSW) All Spring 2018
Law Center (LAW) All Fall 2018
College of Osteopathic Medicine (COM-TNY) All Fall 2018
College of Pharmacy All Fall 2018
School of Health Sciences All Fall 2018
Touro College Israel (TCI) All Spring 2019
College of Education & Health Science (TUC) Nursing Spring 2018
College of Education & Health Science (TUC) Education Spring 2018
College of Education & Health Science (TUC) TUC MS Physician Assistant Studies Summer 2018
College of Education & Health Science (TUC) TUC Master of Public Health (MPH) Fall 2018
College of Osteopathic Medicine (COM-TUC) Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) Fall 2018
College of Osteopathic Medicine (COM-TUC) Master of Science in Medical Health Sciences (MSMHS) Fall 2019
College of Pharmacy (COP-TUC) All Fall 2018
College of Health & Human Services (TUN) Nursing Fall 2018
College of Health & Human Services (TUN) Education July 2018
College of Health & Human Services (TUN) Occupational Therapy July 2018
College of Health & Human Services (TUN) MS Physician Assistant Studies November 2018
College of Health & Human Services (TUN) Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) March 2019
College of Osteopathic Medicine (COM-TUN) All Fall 2019
Touro College Los Angeles (TCLA) All Fall 2018
School of Health Sciences and Practice (NYMC) NYMC DPT Doctor of Physical Therapy Spring 2019
School of Health Sciences and Practice (NYMC) NYMC DPH Doctor of Public Health Spring 2019
School of Health Sciences and Practice (NYMC) NYMC MPH Master of Public Health Spring 2019
School of Health Sciences and Practice (NYMC) NYMC MS in Speech Language Pathology Fall 2018
School of Health Sciences and Practice (NYMC) NYMC Master of Science Programs Spring 2019
School of Health Sciences and Practice (NYMC) NYMC Pediatric Dysphagia Certificate Program Spring 2019
School of Health Sciences and Practice (NYMC) NYMC SHSP Advanced Certificate Programs Spring 2019
School of Medicine (NYMC) All Spring 2019
Hebrew Theological College (HTC) All Fall 2018


TCUS Canvas support

  For help with how to use Canvas, log in to Canvas and select the Help button from the blue navigation bar on the left of your dashboard. Chat, phone, and email support are available. Select the Faculty or Student support option.

  Canvas Help may be the fastest way to get answers to many questions since they have lightning fast response times, and they can see within a user's account. They are available 24/7.

  The following requests should come through the TouroOne Help Desk:

  Add an administrator or support staff as a Canvas user (most faculty should already be in Canvas; students are automatically added to Canvas when they are registered for a course).

  Add TAs, Librarians, student tutors or other roles to a course/CRN or all courses in a department.

  Add Lecturers to a course. "Lecturer" has teacher-like access but is not the primary/official teacher of a course. (Note: to add primary/official instructors to a course in Canvas, you must contact your Registrar's office. The official instructor role in Canvas is called "Teacher".)

  Access for administrators to school level sub accounts.

  To research why something isn't appearing in Canvas as you expect.

  Blackboard administrators have been trained as Canvas administrators. The following requests should go to the local Canvas administrator:

  Cross list course sections.

  Create a manual course (course not coming from Banner) or organization.

  Enroll users in manual courses or organizations.

  To request assistance with migrating content to live Canvas courses.

  Request 3rd party application integrations (tools like Zoom and Box).